Welcome to CraftyChique – the home of the Impress.

We are pleased to revive and re-launch the new and improved Impress with modules for 5 creative functions: Hot Foiling, Heat Pressing, Precision Ink-Stamping, Embellishing and Hot Melt Art , suitable for card-craft, textiles and mutli-media artwork.

We are the new owners of the patents and design rights of the Craft Dragon Impress (M Press), offering a one-year guarantee on all new presses and modules we supply.

The versatile, light-weight, portable Impress is ideal for the seasoned or hobby crafter, business owner, design or print studio or member of an arts and crafts club. The patented, modular design size allows you to explore various creative techniques at an affordable price, all in one multi-crafting kit.

The possibilities are endless for your business or project, as the hot-foiler and ink-stamper are interchangeable using the same versatile, attractive purple Press.

The Multi-crafter kit for hot foiling, embellishing, ink-stamping and melt-work

The Impress Hot-melt for UTEE, heat embossing, friendly plastic and thermo plastic.

ImPress Ink-stamper module for £199.99

Unique Aspects of the modular Crafty ImPress system combine various functions in one for your crafting and business needs:

Hot-foiler slotted into ImPress:

Hot foiling on pencils
Precise hot-foiling for a professional finish with our bespoke dies and positioning mat for. Wedding foiled craft box Used for various techniques such as double or triple foiling where the original image can be foiled over on multi-media such as leather, smooth/glossy wood and cardboard, paper, card, ribbons, cellophane, wall-paper border, self-adhesive labels and plastic. Also known in the print industry as gold blocking, foil blocking or hot-foil blocking.Embellishments and hot-foiling on scrapbook
Add a triplate for all your embellishing, personalising, patchwork and appliqué projects using variable temperature control and a dry (no steam as with irons) process for rhinestones and hot-fix crystals on multimedia. Can also be used as a heat press with vinyl transfers on clothing, accessories or for home décor such as cushions, curtains and lampshades.

Hot-foiling on box For foiling onto larger or awkward itemshome décor and gifts such as memory/storage boxes, picture frames, photo albums, shelves, scrap books, bookmarks, key rings, gift and jewellery bags and boxes and much more in your metallic repertoire.

Hot-melt station:

Multimedia Friendly-plastic Trees on canvass Invert in a cradle to set up your hot-melt station with a tri-plate for all your melt-work, jewellery making, friendly plastic, UTEE, embossing powders, heat inks and melt-art.

Ink-stamper slotted into Press:

Ink-stamping on Grungeboard

Precision ink-stamping for a professional finish with the positioning mat. Used for various techniques such as ghost stamping, masking, generation stamping or kiss-stamping, useful for repeat runs of wedding, business stationery and home décor such as wallpaper border.

The lightweight and compact Press is simple and easy to set-up and heats in minutes, taking up very little space in your craft room, design studio or business and very convenient to carry with you to craft fayres, art classes or even to your holiday retreat in the country!

Unleash your creativity and imagination in the current metallic trend – personalising and embellishing – weddings/special occasion cards, gifts, certificates, babies clothing and accessories, home décor, candle making, jewellery, business branding and much more.

We are a British company with assembly based in Wales and key suppliers of accessories based around the UK.

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Using the ImPress – watch the video

See the ImPress in use, views tips, tricks and learn how to use the ImPress. Start creating great birthday, wedding, remembrance cards and much more.

    Video tutorials coming soon.

Using the ImPress video..


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Foiling with cutting dies

Crafty tip – Use your metal cutting dies to hot foil with the tri-plate and die bonding tape

This neat trick allows you to hot-foil a multitude of images using your tri-plate and a bit of die-bonding tape.


Insert the...

Cold enamelling – Sea horse on board and copper hand

[caption id="attachment_3772" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="Cold-enamelled Sea-Horse"][/caption]
A bit of a contradiction, you may say, as you need heat to achieve this. Cold enamelling is achieved at a very low temperature, compared with traditional glass ename...

Shrink Plastic – Embedded black shrunken flowers

Ah the dreaded chasing the shrink plastic with the heat gun story. No more, she cries!!

Shrink plastic is adored by everyone from the age of 8 to 80, but it can be a problem to keep it in place while you shrink it with a heat gun. The slightest draft from said heat...

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