About Us

CraftyChique Limited is a family run small business. Hot-foiling on business stationery It seemed a shame that the Craft Dragon innovation may have been lost after the previous company, which created the press, sadly went into liquidation.   Make your own embellishments – images glazed with UTEE in metal jewellery , cold enamelling on copper charms or melted wax shapes all created using the melt station……. Please feel free to submit your own wonderful projects to [email protected]. Please note we are not related to the previous liquidated company (Craft Dragon Limited) or its owners or directors.

Customer Service and Advice

We aim to please and are happy to provide advice and tips on how best to use the Presses. If you are experiencing any problems please email [email protected]. Hot-foil Handmade by We are very happy to test foil for you on your preferred substrate, before you embark on your project, if you wish to send us in your samples. We are also very happy to send out a sample of test foils for you to experiment with, prior to placing an order.

We hope you will feel free to share any creative or innovative ways of using the ImPress modules with us. Please have a look at the fantastic artwork, embellishments and cards created by our lovely guest blogger Debbie Palmer. Ideas Many thanks for visiting our website and happy crafting 🙂

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