Cold enamelling – Sea horse on board and copper hand

July 31st, 2016 by

Cold-enamelled Sea-Horse

A bit of a contradiction, you may say, as you need heat to achieve this.

Cold enamelling is achieved at a very low temperature, compared with traditional glass enamelling which is done at around 1000 degrees! It actually a resin powder.

You can cold enamel anything which is not flexible, I believe. For example, if you used card, it will be guaranteed to crack and flake off.

For this project I have used copper pre-cut shapes and very sturdy chipboard.

Equipment needed:

  • Cold enamelling powders.
  • Small square of sturdy chipboard.
  • Copper pre-cut shapes.
  • Hot-melt station – heating unit, cradle, tri-plate, thermo sheet and silicone mat.

  • Technique:

    1. Set heating unit on number 3 temperature.
    2. Coat copper shapes and chipboard with desired colours.
    3. Place coated items on a thermo sheet on top of the tri-plate and wait for powder to melt and turn glossy.
    4. At this point you could add hot-fix crystals if you wish.
    5. Remove from tri-plate and leave to cool on the silicone mat. This will take a while because the copper holds the heat. Please be careful.

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