Ink-stamping hints

Using the Impress Ink-Stamper
    1. Ensure the handle of the ImPress is in the fully raised position.
    2. Insert Flexi-bloc into ImPress using the click in/out mechanism.
    3. Site guide mat on platen, securing it behind the ImPress.
    4. Fix a rubber / acrylic stamp on to the underside of the Flexi-bloc, using the gridlines as a guide.
    5. Place the medium to be stamped on to the platen. If the medium is flat (e.g. if using paper, card or acetate etc.) ensure that it is positioned under the guide mat.
multiple stamping

Repeated ink-stamping creates pattern

    1. Push the handle down with controlled, firm pressure to within 1 cm. of the surface of the medium to ensure correct desired alignment of stamp to medium.
    2. Securing the paper in place by pressing on the surrounding guide mat, gently raise the handle.
    3. Ink the stamp from underneath and push the handle down again with controlled firm pressure.
    4. Hold down briefly and whilst holding the paper in place as before, raise the handle in a controlled manner.
    5. If the printing is not complete, repeat steps 8 and 9.
Football theme

Multiple ink-stamping

    1. Clean stamp and remove from Flexi-bloc.
    2. Printing is possible using a wooden block stamp; ink stamp and place on desired position on the medium, on the platen. Push handle down and release in a controlled manner. Alternatively, attach block to Flexi-bloc with blue-tac or double-sided tape and use as above. Remove and clean stamp.
    3. If heat embossing is required further to stamping, raise guide mat, remove paper and apply embossing powder in the normal way.
Tip – when adjusting the stamp on the Flexi-bloc, place a piece of scrap paper on top of the platen to prevent staining, should the stamp fall on to the platen. Tip – you can place a rubber / acrylic stamp directly on the paper in the desired position and push down the handle firmly to attach the stamp to the Flexi-bloc.

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