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To the extent that copyrighted content owned by other companies or individuals appears on this website, it is used with permission.


CraftyChique’s and other companies’ trademarks appear on this website, including those in the form of logos, product marks, service marks and slogans. CraftyChique Limited takes great care in the development and protection of trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership of its trademarks. To the extent that trademarks owned by other companies appear on this website, they are used with permission.

Use of CraftyChique logos

The use of CraftyChique logo is carefully limited. No other company, individual or entity may use CraftyChique logos unless it has the express written permission of CraftyChique Limited or is licensed by CraftyChique Limited to do so. To obtain permission to use any CraftyChique Limited logo or graphics, contact CraftyChique Limited by emailing [email protected]


Several patented and patent pending products appear at this website including, but not limited to, the CraftyChique ImPress and its modules. Please contact us directly for patent information related to our products at [email protected]

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