The Cradle makes your Crafty ImPress system even more versatile. The Cradle holds the hot-foiler securely in an inverted position perfect for all your melt-work. The Tri-Plate is positioned and heated up turning it into a fully-fledged hotplate great for making jewellery and melting UTEE, friendly plastics and encaustic wax, or for heat embossing with embossing powders. Use the cradle to secure the hot-foiler whilst cooling down or to change dies for hot-foiling or tri-plate for embellishing/heat pressing or art work, or when not in immediate use whilst the modular ink-stamper is in use. PLEASE USE THE HEAT MAT TO SAFELY REMOVE THE HOT DIES AND TRI-PLATE AND TO COOL DOWN. PLEASE NOTE HOT-FOILER IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE - IT IS TO SHOW HOW IT FITS IN THE CRADLE.