Card with Daisies and Dragonfly using Embossing Powders

July 31st, 2016 by
The Impress Hot-melt is invaluable in my opinion because it gives a wonderful glassy finish without the use of a heat gun. Anyone who uses embossing powders with a heat gun will know that the heat gun is sometimes prone to blowing the powder where you do not want it, which can spoil your work.

Card with Daisies and Dragonfly

Equipment needed:

  • Cardstock
  • Stamp of choice
  • Ink-based ink pad
  • Alchohol pens for colouring
  • Clear embossing powder
  • Clear embossing ink pad
  • Hot-melt station – heating unit in its cradle, tri-plate, thermo-sheet and silicone mat
  • Impress Ink-stamper for stamping


  1. Set Heating Unit on number 4 setting.
  2. Using the Impress Ink-stamper, stamp your chosen image and cut it out.
  3. Add colour as required.
  4. Using the clear embossing ink pad, coat your work, then shake clear embossing powder over the entire area.
  5. Place your work on a thermo sheet on top of the tri-plate.
  6. Remove when you see the glassy finish after a few seconds and place on the silicone mat to cool.

Be careful not to touch the surface of the embossed item as it takes a little while to cool.

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